About Shanghai Touch League

The purpose of the League is to play more games in a competitive environment and encourage greater participation and interest in the sport. It will also give players more exposure to competition and improve individual and team playing standards.

上海触球联赛快到了。我们推动 "比赛更多,进步更多"。上海触球联赛是一个社会性运动,在这里的关键是社交与乐趣。

For 2014, we will have two short seasons with a Spring League and an Autumn League. The details of the League are listed below.

· If you want to get involved, you must send an email to stl@shanghaitouch.com (Name. Spring STL  / Autume STL)

Structure 体制 
· The league will be contested Saturdays, once a month over 4 months. 一次一月份,星期六下午。 
·  teams will compete round-robin rounds 
· Points will be allocated for wins, draws and bonus points for narrow losses these are calculated in the League Ladder. 
· The final round will be for Play-offs 
· Play-off format will be based on the position a team finishes on the ladder after the previous rounds.

Teams 除球队 
· 6 teams will contest the upcoming league, in Mixed Division: XuHui Giants, PuDong Devils, JingAn 5thLions, HongKu Raiders, Shanghai Seahorses and Shanghai T-Rax. 6个触球队, 
· 4 Shanghai Touch Based Teams will initially be chosen by the STL committee to ensure we have an even and competitive league; 
· Two team captains will be allocated to each team. Once allocated to a team the captain will organise the players. 
· All levels of playing ability are encouraged to play.

· SRFC, Waigaoqiao district, Pudong ,SRFC外高桥浦东 
· 2pm - 4.30pm,开始下午2点到4点


. As per weekly playing fees. 照常星期六下午触球训练课费

· Games will be contested under FIT rules and regulations and officiated by qualified referees.