2013 Autumn League

FINAL Round Autumn League



devils championsWho would’ve bet a jiao on the Devils few weeks ago ? But against all odds and after 3 challenging games the Devils won the final and are the STL Autumn 2013 Champions !

Back to the day, we saw really good touch from all the teams during, probably, the last warm day of the year. It was a perfect day for touch and a fantastic conclusion of the amazing season.


Final round Autumn 2013 results


The Devils finish first followed by the Giants, on third position we have the Lions with the Raiders on forth. TRax finish fifth and Seahorse sixth.

Thanks a lot for our ref squad who was more than ever well prepared and very professional for this final round. We had the chance to have 2 ref per game which is a real chance we should appreciate and value !

Thanks also to all the players and fans who came along to the award ceremony where Blair from the Giants was awarded Top Try scorer of the season (10 Tries).

A final thanks to our sponsors but also all volunteers working to make things happening, don’t forget that without them nothing would be possible and such nice day of competition and celebration wouldn’t be possible !

Congratulations to the Devils but also to all of you, see you in 2014 for the Spring STL league and keep training during winter !

 Round 3 Results


 - Autumn League Round III


Only a week after the SITT, the Shanghai Touch League took place under a wonderful sun. All the team members were still a bit rusty from the past week and the round was really more about endurance and subs available. And at this game it’s the Devils who managed to win their 2 games of the day and finally unlock their points counter ! The Raiders did pretty well too with 2 wins to reach the second place and send the Giants at the 3rd. The Lions managed to keep the lead of the league with still the best attack with a total of 40 tries since the beginning of the season (6,66 tries per game !!!).


Here are the results of the day:

Devils 7 / Seahorse 1

TRax 3 / Raiders 5

Lions 4 / Giants 0

Trax 2 / Seahorse 1

Devils 4 / Giants 0

Lions 4 / Raiders 5

RANKING After round III


score board RD 3

Final round Autumn 2013 program



Round 2 Results


 - Autumn League Round II

 Thanks to all the teams and referees for being on time on the field ! We enjoyed a great day of competitive touch with a really nice weather. After this second round, the general ranking didn’t changed since the 1st round !

The lions are definitely the team to beat this season with a record of 4 wins for 4 games and an impressive average of 8 tries per game since the beginning of the season ! Congrats Lions… does this season might be finally yours ?

Still 2 rounds to go ! On the podium, the Giants are just a point behind the leader with the best defense, only 3.5 tries conceded per game till now, while the Raiders secured a solid 3rd position. We have to mention here the first success of the TRax in the league over the Devils who still didn’t managed to win yet this season.

As always congrats to the Seahorse for there fantastic supporters and team spirits, the STL is proud to have such enthusiasm among its rank !

We only wish more of you could join the after game party at the Big Bamboo in Jinqiao for just a drink. You don’t have to stay till 2am like some of us… but if you do, you wont be alone ! Please remember that without sponsors such as Big Bamboo the STL couldn’t exists.

The after game party was the occasion to deliver the 1st degree referring to Suzy, Warren and Phill, congrats to you ! See you all for the 3rd round which will decide the playoff and finals program !!!

Second round Results:

- Round 1 Games Lions 6 – TRax 3 and Giants 7 – Seahorse 2

- Round 2 Games Lions 5 – Devils 3 and Giants 4 – Raiders 4

- Round 3 Games TRax 2 – Devils 0 and Raiders 7 – Seahorse 2

STL Autumn 2nd Round


Round 1 Results

 - Autumn League Round I

That’s it ! We are back to the game and what a game !!!

Around 100 players and fans gathered Saturday for the start of this new exciting season which will counts 6 teams. 2 teams (Seahorse & TRax) joined the 4 STL originals teams, a great sign that our sport is getting more and more popular !

For this first round, the Lions made an impressive start with 2 strong wins and became leader of the league after this first round. Leader but also best attack and best defense… The Lions set high the level of this new league !

The Giants, former Spring Champions, did a pretty good 1st round too by winning their 2 games and taking the second position.

Great effort from the Raiders who managed to get the 3rd position after this first round,

For the 2 new teams, we wish to give a special congratulation to the Seahorses for their very honorable first participation to the league with huge enthusiasm and a great support from their fans but also to the TRax who gave us a tight game ended by a fair draw !

The Devils  need to find the way to win again and make their name feared !

Fun Facts: 69 tries has been scored in 200 minutes of games which mean almost 3.5 tries every 10minutes.

Check below the games results and the status after the 1 st round:

Game 1: Devils VS Giants : 5 – 7

Game 2: Lions VS Raiders : 10 – 5

Game 3: TRax VS SeaHorses: 2 – 2

Game 4: Devils VS Raiders: 7 – 8

Game 5: TRax VS Giants: 3 – 8

Game 6: Lions VS SeaHorses: 11- 1