Spring STL Round 3

Round 3 saw the green pastures of SCSC lit up by the many and varied colors and talents that SLT had to offer.  It was an intriguing day of touch that now sees just 2 points separating the teams positioned from 2nd to 5th on the ladder.  With an influx of new players to the club last weekend’s matches were predictably unpredictable as teams shuffled their squads to maximize their effectiveness.

L.V.P Trophy

Laurent’s Valued Play for displays of class, brilliance and general good play

To yet another Kiwi import, can’t be many left in New Zealand, anyway the club has certainly been fortunate to find Ms. Amazing Grace who is a fine exponent of the game played on the field beside the game played on the main field in heaven. Grace has been squeezed in under the Lions salary cap and will be instrumental as they strive for their maiden championship.

Iron Mike Award

For show heart, guts and courage throughout the day

Xue Min another new arrival to the club has impressed onlookers early and found some rock solid form throughout the tournament where she completed all 3 games by assisting T Rax after her stint with the Devils. The heart, guts and courage award certainly well deserved in this case, very solid sculling. 

So many questions remain for the final round -Will Seahorses have enough players / banners? Will Zip Zip Brendan join the Lion’s Den? Will the Raider’s premiership defense see Marathon Mike & SJ Hanlon donning their beloved yellow strip for the final time? Will Paul’s back hold up? Will Grace ever forgive me for making her drink from that cup? Will the Giants go through the season undefeated? Will the French connection capitalize on their 3rd place finish and make their maiden final? Will Anita ever listen to JP? Will the Devils make you horny happy as they smile upon a possible 4th title?  Will the Big Bamboo be prepared for the festivities that June 13 will bring? Will the bloddy STL WECHAT messages ever stop coming? Who can ever remember how to play that clapping game, not Rick that is for sure? Who will be first to lose this season’s trophies and will I remember to bring them?

The Final Round - Saturday June 13th

…… can hardly sleep ….so excited !!

2.00pm Wild-Card Play-Offs

G1: #6 Seahorses Vs #3 T Rax

G2: #4 Raiders Vs #5 Lions

2.40pm Semi Finals

G3: Winner of G1 Vs Devils

G4: Winner of G2 Vs Giants

3.20pm Ranking Game

G5: Loser G1 v Loser G2

G6: Loser G3 v Loser G4

4.00pm Final

G7: Winner G3 Vs Winner G4 

After Party @ BIG BAMBOO

A club provided bus will provide transfers to the Boo

Ensure that Saturday June 13-The finals is marked in your calendar and remember this is our big social gathering where we celebrate the Spring STL Season in style at the Big Bamboo Pudong. This is an important social event by not only spending some quality time with our touch friend but we also need to support the Big Bamboo who are one of our major sponsors.  Hope you can all make it, bring your family along and make a night of it.


Keeping you in Touch - DM