Spring STL Round 2 Match Report

Round 2 was a great day for touch with Shanghai giving us perfect weather with a warm and sunny day.  The weather however had nothing on the games this week, with all teams giving 100% to try and climb up the points ladder.  With a small reshuffling of players to try to readjust the teams and the absence of some key players Devils seemed to dominate with some big scores.  However it was T-Rax with a win and a draw who jumped into 2nd spot on the table.  Giants put in a very solid performance winning both their games to stay at the top of the table. In the final game the Seahorse played with there never die attitude to post an impressive 2nd half against T-Rax but it wasn’t enough for them to win the game.  Raiders who always play strong through the centres were unlucky against the Giants in a close match which could have gone either way.  The Lions were forced to reshuffle and will be looking to integrate their new changed into their squad for next week. 

Round 2 Results

The Table as of Round 2.


Post Match Drinks at SCSC-

As is tradition with STL 2 perpetual awards are given after each round.

L.V.P Trophy

Laurent’s Valued Play for displays of class, brilliance and general good play

In memory of LV (no longer with us rather in Hong Kong) this award is issued to a player with some spark and flare. This round the award went to Loïc, who is a new player at STL and playing for T-Rax.  He was awarded the Trophy for his great play and inspirational gallop down the wing to score a great touchdown in the corner.  This touchdown helped clinch a victory over the seahorses in the final game of the round putting T-Rax in second position on the table.  T-Rax will be a force in the finals rounds with their great teamwork and playing ability.


Iron Mike Award

For show heart, guts and courage throughout the day

This week it was given to Anita who has come back after an absence with the birth of her son and backed up playing in all three rounds on the day.  She played hard helping the Devils post big scores against their opponents and the giants narrowly take victory over the Raiders. 



The top 3 to remember-

1.                  Lock in your calendar May 16-Round 3.

2.                  Captains contact your players especially ‘No Shows’ to gauge their level of commitment.

3.                  Please stay for our post match functions plays a major role fostering and promoting club spirit.


Keeping you in Touch - NC