Spring STL Round 1

If the season proper is as half colorful and impressive as our new team uniforms we are in for another cracking 4 weeks.   Our super six teams fronted for a memorable start for our Spring Season - Shanghai Touch League.  Yet again our 2 finalists from last season chalked up back-to-back victories but across the park teams seemed stronger. Teams are able to find the chalk, which holds promising for the next 3 rounds.  Lions have had some major signings and along with T-Rax disposing of the Devils in round 1 the competition is wide open.  Seahorses who bring a crowd are still the crowd favorites.
Round 1 Match Results
The Points Tabel after Round 1
L.V.P Trophy
Laurent’s Valued Play for displays of class, brilliance and general good play. 
In memory of LV (no longer with us rather in Hong Kong) this award is issued to a player with some spark and flare. T-Rax were represented at last year’s presentation night by Sindy in addition to this outstanding level of commitment she also had a fantastic STL round 1. In her first game she slipped through the   Devils Defenses late in the second half to spark a T-Rax comeback that eventually led to their well deserved victory.
Iron Mike Award
For show heart, guts and courage throughout the day 
In an attempt to balance the player pool Kiwi ‘inked-up’ Pete was drafted to the Lions. He is a great asset to the club and will certainly value add to the Lions as they look to replace dust with some silverware in their trophy cabinet. Do something Lions!
The top 3 to remember-
1. Lock in your calendar April 25 -Round 2. 
2. Captains contact your players especially ‘No Shows’ to gauge their level of commitment.
3. Please stay for our post match functions plays a major role fostering and promoting club spirit. 
Kepping you in Touch - DM