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SITT 2013 Review

Final Results of SITT 2013

U12: Nanjing Mingfa School 6pts 3 wins
U14: American School SAS won vs Lycee Francais 8/2
Women: Singapore NTU won vs Sakura 4/1
Mixed: HK Blue Dragons won vs Shanghai Dragons 5/3
Men: Tokyo Open won vs HK Blue Dragons 5/2
Masters: Shanghai Dragons won vs Singapore Bucks 2/1
Corporate: Shanghai SIV 7 Pts 3 wins 1 draw


 What a fantastic day of touch on the 2nd of November !

During the whole week, the tension and the expectation was at its maximum among the organizers and the least we can say today is… what a great day for touch in Asia. Apart from the games results we must say here one more time, without naming anybody, a huge thanks to all the people who have been involved in this huge project. The sponsors of course, without them nothing would be possible, all the volunteers from the association and the club who did a terrific job during  the year but also during the day, the referees who helped us  up the level of the tournament quality but of course all the teams who kept this date in mind all year long… be in shanghai on the first weekend of November for SITT 2014.To all of you THANK YOU !!! You made what is known today to be the biggest Asian Touch Tournament !


Back to the competition day, the weather was generally grey but we managed to see the sun from time to time and we enjoyed a perfect temperature to play good touch ! The grass was a bit wet and slippery during the first games but nothing could slow down the global positive mood of the day.It was great to see teams such as Singapore Bucks coming on pitch with white long hair and inflated surfboards, guys you captured the spirit of the day… enjoy and have fun ! we must here also mention the great support from the Horny Wolves who maid such a big noise for the finals… not on the pitch but from the side of it with an incredible enthusiasm, you guys are definitely the cheerleaders of the day, we want you back next year ! And we even had our own streaker who managed to cross the field during the Men's final between Tokyo Open and HK blue Dragons… definitly a sign that SITT is beginning to be a major sport event !

We had also the chance to have ICS channel who came to shoot and interviewed organizers, another sign that SITT is now part of the sport scene in Shanghai and hopefully in Asia.

A special congratulations to the U12 division, you are the future of this sport and it’s fantastic to see young players already so good at touch. This comments doesn’t mean at all that the masters division is the past of this sport ! far from it ! We are extremely proud to see masters teams competing so hard to give us all a lesson of strategy and skills… and also a chance for Shanghai Dragons to get a trophy on the day !!!

Thanks again to all of you and see you next year for the 11th edition !


MVP Men: Dale Miles (Shanghai Dragons Masters/ Mixed/ Men team)
MVP Women: Marie Yamagushi 
Best Referee: Simone Bernie

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