Tuesday, 2016 Oct 04th


It's always great to meet up with SCAU and this year's Foshan meeting was everything we hoped for. Although the results didn't go the Dragons' way, we certainly enjoyed...

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Monday, 2016 Oct 03rd


On September 25th Shanghai American School, Pudong hosted the CISSA (China International Schools Sports Association) Cross-River Touch Event. This event provided an opportunity...

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Friday, 2016 Aug 19th

STL August 6 - Shanghai turned it on for the second STL round of the season, with clear skies and 33 degree heat. School holidays made a dent in the regular turnout, with T-Rax team being a...

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Thursday, 2016 Jul 14th

The 2016 STL is starting early this year. We're beginning in July to (hopefully) avoid the cold and rainy December rains.

Everyone! After STL this Saturday, we will head to Urban Thai...

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The Spring 2016 STL was one with a few changes. We managed to secure a third pitch for games, so that allowed a balanced round-robin before...

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Tuesday, 2016 Apr 26th

Friday, 2016 Apr 22nd

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