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Dulwich Field

North-West Corner of Lan'an Lu and Biyun Lu, Jinqiao, Pudong.
Autumn 2015 - Soccer Fields - Beside the MegaFit Center / Starbucks
Lan'An Lu
(Note that the following go to Dulwich College... note we play by the shopping complex, not the school).
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Adidas Football Park

Tuesday Night Touch at Adidas Football Park


周二之夜触球训练 @ 阿迪达斯足球公园
When: Tuesdays - 8pm to 10pm
Always on!! Except for dangerous conditions.
时间: 每周二晚上 8:00-10:00(除非极度恶劣情况)
Where: Adidas Football Park next to the Shanghai Indoor Stadium
地点: 阿迪达斯足球公园, 靠近上海体育馆
Address: 858 LingLing Rd, Xuhui Area
地址: 上海市徐汇区零陵路858号
Access: 5 mins walk from the Shanghai Indoor Stadium station of Metro Line 1 and Line 4. The nearest exit is Exit 2 of Line 4.

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Tuesday Night Touch is Shanghai Touch's midweek session. Beginners and experienced players welcome. Come out for a run!

周二之夜触球训练是上海触球俱乐部周中的常规训练。 欢迎新老人,一起来玩吧!


100 RMB/session.

60 RMB/session for Students / Locals



60元/次 针对学生/中国人

SCSC (Venue for SITT)

Address: 2700 ZhangYang Bei Lu, near WuZhou Ave, 30meters away WuZhou Ave Metro Station on line 6. 
Directions: From Puxi, go through XiangYin Lu tunnel, turn out at the first ramp in Pudong side and then turn left to ZhangYang Bei Lu. From Pudong, go straight down along Zhang yang Lu.

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YCIS Regency Park

Corner of Huamu Lu and Liushan Lu, use Liushan entry.

It is a 10 minute walk from Huamu Road Metro, end of line 7. Walk right along Huamu and first left into Liushan.