How to Play

Following are some quick points about the sport of Touch Football – (OR as it is most commonly known – Touch).

Touch Football (Touch) evolved from the ‘full contact’ professional code Rugby League in Australia in the late 1960’s. It was originally a warm up activity prior to training – participants and interest grew rapidly and a new sport was created.

The aim of the game is to score more touchdowns than your opposition team by running, passing and using evasion skills without being ‘touched’ while in possession.

Touch was an instant success and spread to the world – now played in over 60 countries and growing.

Today, Touch is a unique independent sport with it’s own rules, referees, international competition and worldwide administration.

As an example of it’s popularity and acceptance in Australia, Touch is the most popular team sport played by more boys and girls in both primary and secondary schools than any other sport.

Touch is seen as a new ‘run, catch & pass’ community based sports activity.

Touch is played by both boys & girls & adult males and females of all ages, either separately or in mixed teams.

Playing ages range from 6 year old primary school children to juniors to adults and up to the 50 years plus Masters category.

Touch Football is essentially a ‘non-contact’ sport and it is seen as far safer than the traditional brands of full contact codes. This is a major consideration for parents of young players, for many females and for a growing number of men, especially those past their physical fitness peak.

The increase in sports injuries has been a significant reason for the sport's rapid growth and development worldwide over the past 20 years, to the point where it is now a phenomenally popular sport all around the world.

At its elite level, the Touch World Cup – this sport is fast, skillful and spectacular to watch. But even at the most casual, social-game level it is a fun, invigorating and exciting form of exercise and recreation.

The Rules

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20 Simple Rules of Play

Official Rules of Play (4th edition) - Includes Chinese Version

Beach Touch Rules of Play

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