About Shanghai Touch

The Shanghai Touch Association (STA) is a non-profit organization, whose main task is to introduce and spread the game of Touch Rugby throughout China.  It strives to create a diverse and fun sporting culture by working to train and develop players of all ages and backgrounds.

STA runs four pick-up games and training sessions a week across Shanghai. To meet the demand for on-going competition we introduced a monthly Shanghai Touch League (STL) in 2012. Shanghai also participates in many national and international competitions throughout the year by send our touring team the Shanghai Dragons.  The Asian League tournaments are played in Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Macau, Hong Kong Taipei and the Philippines.  Shanghai has hosted its own annual Asian League event in the first weekend of November, the Shanghai International Touch Tournament (SITT), which is now the largest of all the tournaments in Asia. 

If you are interested in playing sign up to our newsletter on the home page or email: info@shanghaitouch.com






Stefan Mangold: Finance / Big Bamboo Liaison

Phil Keffer: Membership / Money collection

Olivier Menard:  Saturday Morning Sessions / SRFC Liaison

Mike Shkurka: Tour Organizer

Hannah Churchill: SITT Project Manager

Garry Stout: Dragons Uniforms / Grounds Liaison

Bo: Thursday Sessions

Mike Hall: Newsletter / Website

Laurent Villemeur: Social Media

Hadleigh Churchill: Website / Sponsorship

Peter Chiang: General Co-ordination / Sponsorship / Saturday session

Jeremy Burk: Sponsorship + Resident Wiseman

Shaina Mastroianni: Dragons shirt babysitter / Sponsorship

Zeynep Ucak: Sponsorship

Jane Rui:  Sponsorship

Eric Lee: Media

Jessie Zhang: Media

Jackie Xing: Corporate Touch League

Dale Mills: STL / Seahorse Liaison / Coaching

Paul Fewtrell: Head Coach

Stu Halon: Coaching

James Perry: Coaching

Rick Rosewarne: Head Referee

Alex: Referee

Nick Czinner: Referee