2017 STL Spring Round 2 Report

Two rounds of STL in the books. 
Giants were fed a slice of humble pie by the Raiders, but had too much pace for Devils (cheers Rizza) and the under-strength Lions (well-done Alex).
Phoenix are showing the threat and energy as they improved after last week.
Raiders ground out close results through toughness and guile and moved up the table.
Lions beat Seahorse on a last possession intercept by Tiernan and also had some excellent wing play by Kyle. Will their success scoring off the wing challenge others to imitate their style?
T-Rax were tough to play against and did well to move up the table.
Seahorse were unlucky, as they played tough all day.
Kudos to Jojo for winning the Laurent Valuable Player for showing the style and verve expected of a DEVIL.
Giants - 31 points
Raiders - 21
Phoenix - 21
Devils - 20
Lions - 19
T-Rax - 10
Seahorse - 0